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Veterans Health Administration Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW)


Contains over 20 million unique patient records (2014 estimate) collected from nearly 3 decades of health care. This data is enriched with Veterans’ demographics, claims and patient-level data used in day-to-day inpatient and outpatient clinical care, medical and administrative information on care obtained within the VHA system and some care obtained externally (fee-basis data), medication exposures including medication doses and formulations, dates medications were ordered and dispensed, and quantities dispensed. Outcome measures including time to hospitalization and death is also available within the CDW, as is vital status on all veterans from external sources including from Medicare and Social Security. These resources are available within the Veterans Administrations Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI), a secure computing environment enabling researchers access to nationwide, regional and local datasets.

Coverage: National

Description of Cohort: All veterans receiving care from a Veterans Health Administration care site


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