GCDTR Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program enhances the academic environment for diabetes translation research at Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and locally and regionally affiliated community and institutional partners. The Program is a focal point for interaction and collaboration among GCDTR Core Experts and Members of all affiliations (local, state, and regional, academic, community, and clinic-based). Enrichment programming provides channels to share opportunities and knowledge, link collaborators, and develop skills through opportunities (e.g., seminars and workshops, networking events, faculty development) in areas focus aligned with the mission of the GCDTR and its Cores.

The Program has four primary aims:

    To create an educational and academic environment to support innovative type II translation research by: (a) Hosting academic and research presentations, panel discussions, and Grand Rounds with diverse faculty to share knowledge and expertise and promote skill-building and collaborations in diabetes translation research; (b) Leveraging opportunities at Atlanta- and regional partner institutions beneficial for building knowledge/skills in diabetes, translation research, diversity, appropriate technologies, grant writing, research methods, etc.; (c) Planning networking events to support, foster, and build collaborations between investigators at our partner institutions; and (d) Promoting equity through selection of speakers, ensuring diversity in panels, and promoting the work of URM groups in diabetes translation research.

    To create a central repository and venue for sharing knowledge, study tools, and materials in diabetes translation research through: (a) State- and region-wide publicly available storage of recorded lectures and panel discussions; and (b) Virtual and (when feasible) in-person networking events to support, foster, and build collaborations between investigators at our partner institutions and other key investigators, physician-scientists, communities, and stakeholders across Georgia and the Southeastern U.S.
    To support the expansion of junior and URM faculty working and thriving in the field of diabetes translation research through the formation of small, mentor-guided, peer working groups for junior and URM faculty and post-doctoral fellows to provide a supportive environment and build skills in grant writing, manuscript preparation, time management, overcoming challenges, work-life balance, and problem solving.
    To evaluate and improve Enrichment programming through member surveys and interviews The Enrichment Program will work closely with the GCDTR Cores and P&F Program to ensure programming and outreach that meet the needs and preferences of our members and enable communication and dissemination of scientific information across all Center institutions, regional affiliated institutions, faculty, collaborators, and users of all types. As a focal point of the GCDTR, the Program will continue to provide a rich environment of ideas and networks from which cross-disciplinary collaborative projects can be developed.

    Program Directors

    Mary Beth Weber, PhD, MPH

    Co-Leader, GCDTR Enrichment Program

    Assistant Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health, Department of Epidemiology,
    Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

    Guillermo Umpierrez, MD

    Co-Leader, GCDTR Enrichment Program 

    Professor, Department of Medicine,
    Emory University School of Medicine