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Grady Health System

Description: Part of the Clincal Data Warehouse (CDW), which is a repository that integrates data from multiple business and clinical applications within Emory Healthcare and some external benchmarking databases – providing data needed for clinical quality reporting, research and operational decision-making support. More than 500 users employ the CDW to collectively run more than 40,000 reports monthly, drill down into the data, create ad-hoc queries and graphs, and export the information. The primary goal of the CDW is to provide standardized metrics, filters and reports to ensure that results are consistent over time, among users and across the enterprise. Flexibility to create customized, research-specific metrics is available as well. Access to this data is important for:

Clinical, financial, administration and research analysis
Improving quality of patient care, outcomes and satisfaction
Supporting regulatory requirements
Research innovation

Coverage: State

Description of Cohort: Patient Visits Each Year

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