Mission & History

With its broad base of expertise, the mission of the center is to facilitate and grow type 2 translation research in diabetes within the state of Georgia. Type 2 translation is defined as research focused on translating approaches that have clearly demonstrated efficacy into real world health care settings, and communities, at risk with an emphasis on reach, sustainability, and widespread implementation. The GCDTR offers Translation Research Cores (Design & Evaluation for Equity; Socioecological & Behavioral Science for Equity; and Technologies Advancing Translation & Equity) designed to be responsive to the need to close remaining gaps in diabetes detection, prevention, and care, and to the changing profile of the US diabetes population. GCDTR brings a spirit of innovation, collegiality, multi-disciplinarity, inclusivity, and continued learning towards promoting more and useful diabetes translation research. Further, the GCDTR's Enrichment Program and Pilot and Feasibility Program generate awareness and demand, providing a linkage to expert faculty, tools (e.g., open-access resource library) and funding opportunities, in addition to hosting online and in-person platforms to engage with GCDTR and its base of tremendous communal resources.