Realizing Value in Diabetes Prevention Programs Symposium

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The Georgia Center for Diabetes Translation Research (GCDTR) – a partnership between Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Morehouse School of Medicine – is hosting the Realizing DPP (Realizing Value in Diabetes Prevention Programs) Symposium at the Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, GA. This one-day event is scheduled for Monday, November 5, 2018 and will bring together key DPP stakeholders to share, discuss, and learn from one another’s program financing and implementation experiences. The overarching theme is finding shared value in diabetes prevention programs.

The Symposium will involve expert panels, face-to-face discussions, and opportunities for National DPP (NDPP) and Medicare DPP (MDPP) Payers and Suppliers to formulate best practices to achieve expected DPP participant outcomes and facilitate logistical access to programs for 84 million people with prediabetes nationally. 

The DPP Journey

The DPP is the largest national chronic disease initiative to mobilize the delivery of an evidence-based lifestyle behavior change program that is reimbursed by both private and public healthcare payers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have deemed the DPP to be a critical strategy for preventing type 2 diabetes.

Reimbursement of DPP lifestyle programs by health plans, employers, and Medicare has created a huge need to scale up high-quality delivery of the DPP. This will involve integrating non-medical organizations, a non-clinical workforce, and community delivery locations into medical referral and reimbursement systems.

The Realizing DPP Symposium

The Realizing DPP Symposium will provide an opportunity to listen to and engage with experts. The Symposium will also create a forum to discuss critical challenges to advancing the field. Significant questions include: How can we further expand on current program efforts to meet DPP payer and participant demands? How can we optimize reimbursement levels for DPP supplier sustainability? Additional topics to be discussed include DPP outreach, enrollment, onboarding, engagement, outcomes, workforce, locations, administration, regulations, tracking, reporting, security, and payments.

Realizing DPP Attendees

The Realizing DPP Symposium has the capacity to host 125 attendees from health plans, employers, health systems, healthcare providers, community representatives, and local, state, and federal government agencies. In addition, academics from across the country, staff, alumni, and Atlanta-based guests from the CDC, CARE, Carter Center, and the broader Atlanta community will be invited to participate. Representatives from top news outlets, healthcare related publications, and medical journals will also be invited to attend.

Symposium Format

Through invited talks by national experts, panel discussions, debates, and a networking reception, the Symposium will cover the latest national updates and data in the field. This Symposium will provide a forum to discuss these pressing issues in-depth and to formulate real-world solutions.

Realizing DPP Symposium Sponsorship Value

Given the impacts of diabetes on economies worldwide, the media attention for diabetes includes major local, national, and international healthcare headlines. The Realizing DPP Symposium will be a high visibility event in the nation’s public health capital, Atlanta. With major health agencies and leading universities nearby, this Symposium will cast a national spotlight on chronic disease, and specifically on diabetes prevention. To amplify the reach of this event, mainstream and social medial communication strategies will include:

  • National media/press releases;
  • Blog posts and social media postings;
  • Email distribution of newsletters leading up to the event; and
  • National outreach to healthcare stakeholders for event awareness


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