Realizing DPP National Conference and Stakeholder Coalition

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The Realizing DPP National Conference is in the feasibility and planning stages for 2019 along with a Stakeholder Coalition to coordinate the collective problem-solving power of the primary DPP stakeholders: payers, suppliers, providers, facilitators, academics, and coaches. The focus is on ramping up the momentum initiated by the Realizing DPP 2018 Symposium for identifying barriers to DPP implementation and collaborating on solutions to overcome those barriers.

The Realizing DPP 2018 Symposium was hosted by the Georgia Center for Diabetes Translation Research (GCDTR) – a partnership of Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Morehouse School of Medicine. The symposium produced valuable feedback from the attending DPP stakeholders, including the desire to establish a national conference and stakeholder coalition to grow the delivery capacity required for successful distribution of the National DPP and the Medicare DPP.

The DPP is the largest national chronic disease initiative to mobilize the delivery of lifestyle behavior change programming that is reimbursed by both private and public healthcare payers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have deemed the DPP to be a critical strategy for preventing type 2 diabetes.

Reimbursement of DPP lifestyle programs has created the demand to scale up DPP delivery in accessible modalities. This will involve uniting the primary DPP stakeholders in open communication and an industry transparency that advances delivery quality and network access for DPP distribution. This also marks the recognition of evidence-based lifestyle change programs as a cornerstone for effective chronic disease prevention and management.

The Realizing DPP National Conference is envisioned to be a two-day event in late 2019, attended by the primary DPP stakeholders. The event format will include academic speaker presentations on the latest DPP research, stakeholder group panel discussions, and roundtable discussions of high-interest topics.

The Realizing DPP Stakeholder Coalition intends to organize and coordinate the primary DPP stakeholders by workstream groups:

  • Payers (private and public)
  • Suppliers (DPP delivery organizations – all modalities)
  • Providers (medical organizations)
  • Facilitators (promoting and supporting DPP implementation)
  • Academics (conducting diabetes prevention research)
  • Coaches (lifestyle behavior change practitioners)

Each workstream group of stakeholder participants can meet virtually every month to discuss DPP implementation barriers and their recommended solutions. Each of the 6 workstream groups could then meet face-to-face at the Realizing DPP National Conference. The stakeholder panels will present the barriers and solutions discussed by the workstream groups to attendees for open forum discussion.

As the feasibility, planning, organizing, and coordinatiing for the Realizing DPP National Conference and Stakeholder Coalition unfolds, information will be available by emailed newsletters with a free Realizing DPP subscription.

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